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Stagefright Two is for  young people  6yrs upwards who  meet on a Saturday morning.

We may be able to bend the rules on ages to suit members  needs.   So please ask.




STAGEFRIGHT TWO Saturdays  11am -12.p.m.

All groups meet at St. Luke’s Church Hall on La Route du Fort.  Parking is available in the Car park, entrance on Elizabeth Street. Left hand  side only.    Any queries please contact : Carole Richardson  722414. Mobile 07797-725848. or by e-mail



Membership is  £33  for the whole year  (average 30 wks.)  People joining late pay £11 per term. (i.e.Jan-Easter and Summer term.)


We would appreciate payment by cheque at the beginning of term.   Please make cheques out to “Stagefright Drama”   Thank you .


We only enrol 25 members for each session. If we have applications  over that amount we keep a “Waiting  List” – but we do try and fit Everyone in!.  




We are always looking for new members. If you are interested in joining Stagefright then please click here to download our application form.





Parents please note that we always cancel meetings if there are  any hazardous road conditions or really bad weather.  Please never risk driving if you are unsure.…… if in doubt you can phone Carole on 722414.(mobile 07797-725848)  




We take our responsibilities with your children seriously.  We follow the Winchester Child and Data Protection policys, and follow Education’s  guidelines on anti-bullying etc.